5 Christmas gifts for someone with low vision

Christmas gift for low vision

It’s the holiday season and we want everyone to share in the jolliness!!!

If you’re looking for ideas, you might get some inspiration from this list of 5 Christmas gifts for someone with low vision.

Carson ezRead digital magnifier – convert TV into a vision aide

Carson ezRead digital magnifier for TVBuy ezread magnifier from AmazonThis handy tool transforms your TV into a visual reading aide.

Put it on top of something you want to read, and a magnified image of what’s underneath the ezRead appears in full color on your TV screen. The bigger the TV screen, the larger the magnified image appears on the screen.

The aide plugs into your TV quickly and easily using the video cable supplied. It has the shape of a computer mouse and is controlled by your hand movements in a similar way.

It has internal LED lighting to ensure the image on the screen is bright and easy to see.

Powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included) or the included A/C power adapter.

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Large print playing cards

Large print playing cards for low vision card players

Buy large print playing cards from AmazonLet everyone join in the fun and games this Christmas. Large print playing cards make it easier for elderly with vision problems to continue to play the games they know and love.

Available as a 1 pack, 2 pack or 4 pack. I’d recommend getting at least a 2 pack so you can play lots of favorite card games that might use more multiple packs at a time, including bridge, canasta, solitaire and hearts.

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Simple, large button TV-remote

Tek Pal large button remote controlBuy TEK big button remote for TV from Amazon

The Tek Pal big button remote control is very simple and easy to use. It gets rid of all the uncommonly used buttons and makes the ones most likely to be used huge and easy to find.

It has only 6 buttons – on/off, mute, volume up and down and channel up and down. The buttons are back lit to make them easier to see. They are also tactile and in different shapes which allows low vision users to feel for the button they need rather than relying on sight.

It runs on AA batteries.

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Simple large button phone

Big button phone for seniorsBuy simple large button phone from Amazon

Stay in contact with your loved ones with a large button phone.

The Emerson EM300WH Big Button Seniors Phone has very large buttons with large font and high contrast. It is an uncluttered phone that is simple and easy to use.

This model has a 10 number speed dial, and a redial button for convenience. It has a useful hands-free speakerphone mode as well.

For peace of mind, this phone also works in power outage for emergencies.

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Find more large button phones on our page on low vision aids.


Give the gift of reading

These GoVision portable electronic magnifiers have an attached remoteBuy GoVision electronic magnifier from Amazon

There are a range of magnifiers that will help your loved one get back to their love of reading. Whether it’s the newspaper, letters, magazines or the mail, they will appreciate being able to get back the independence and enjoyment they used to enjoy before their vision deteriorated.

For people with mild vision loss, try a magnifying glass. Read my reviews to find one for your budget and needs.

For people with moderate vision loss, you’ll want an electronic magnifier. Read my reviews to find one for your budget and needs.


For more ideas of Christmas gifts for low vision people, check out the page on low vision aids.